• Current ~ 2000
  • 1999 ~ 1972
Current ~ 2000
  • 2019 September

    Launched ‘SB TokTok Plus’

  • 2018 August

    Business partnership agreement with Lotte Card


    Business partnership agreement with GS Retail on ATM fee waiver service


    Launched an advanced Integrated Financial Information System (IFIS)

  • 2017 December

    Moved head office of KFSB to Mapo, Seoul

  • 2016 December

    Launched mobile application service for digital banking ‘SB TokTok’


    Entered installment financial market

  • 2015 September

    Implemented the business of issuing credit cards

  • 2014 April

    Saled u-Bogeumjari Loan of Korea Housing Finance Corporation

  • 2012 October

    Started service for Smartphone banking

  • 2008 May

    Held General Assembly of WSBI Asia-Pacific


    Implemented the business of issuing check cards
    Implemented the business of issuing a savings bank cashier’s check

  • 2007 October

    Registered as a member of WSBI (World Savings Banks Institution)

  • 2006 February

    Designated as a Treasury Collection Agency of the Bank of Korea

  • 2002 March

    Renamed the Korea Federation of Savings Banks


    Joined KFTC (Korea Financial Telecommunications & Clearings Institute)

1999 ~ 1972
  • 1999 August

    Launched the Integrated Financial Information System (IFIS)

  • 1984 April

    Placed the inspection of the Credit Union under the control of the Office of Bank Supervision and Examination

  • 1983 December

    Placed the Credit Guarantee Fund under the control of the Credit Management Fund

  • 1980 March

    Entrusted with inspection of Credit Unions

  • 1975 July

    Renamed the National Federation of Mutual Savings & Finance Companies

  • 1973 September

    Established the National Association of Credit Unions